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sexylady I know that the title of this blog post seems weird. Here’s another downer for you. The best apps for hooking up are not going to give you shit if you have the wrong attitude. Seriously.

You might have a lot of friends telling you that they downloaded this amazing app and all of a sudden all these black, white, Latina, Filipina, Singaporean, Chinese, Arab, you name it, all these chicks appear out of nowhere and now he’s fucking like a bunny.

Well, good for him. It’s not the apps that made him hook up, believe it or not. It has nothing to do with his looks, it has nothing to do with his money in the bank, it definitely has nothing to do with the size of his dick.

If you think that the best apps for hooking up will actually make you hook up, then you have a lot more problems than you realize. You have a lot of bigger issues you need to grapple with aside from your dick into hot, tight assholes and pussies.

The real problem is the fact that you are looking for some sort of outside solution. Make no mistake about it, getting pussy is really a challenge for yourself because getting pussy involves you overcoming your fears. It involves you reinventing yourself and pushing against your boundaries so you can do what you need to do at the right time to produce the right actions.

This means acting purposely. This means overcoming your deep seated fears. Everybody’s got fears. Everybody’s got things holding them back. Everybody’s have fucked up experiences from the past. This is why it’s all internal.

You have to master that and establish a solid enough base of confidence so you can get the pussy that you deserve. Unfortunately, if you flip the script and think that the solution to your pussy problems involves getting the best apps for hooking up, then you’re going to continue to fail.

There really is no other way around it because the solution is not out there. It’s all deep inside your heart. Start looking there.

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