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bigtitsMeeting strangers via quality hookup sites like is always a scary situation. We’ve always been surrounded with people who are familiar with us. We’ve always been trained to get a sense of comfort and reassurance when we’re surrounded by people who we know we can trust.

Unfortunately, the modern dating world has changed dramatically. Thanks to the Internet, it’s become tremendously easy to hook up with strangers.

We’re caught in a bind here. On the one hand, we have these strong sexual urges, and we need to hook up. There’s no shame in this game. Every human being has basic drives. Just as you are driven to eat and drink and take a shower and go to the bathroom, you’re also driven to have sex. Denying this part of yourself will probably make you a very miserable person. You might not want to hear that or admit it, but it’s still the truth.

The fact is if you deny that sexual side of yourself, it manifests itself in other ways. Most of these manifestations are negative. If you’re a negative person or you’re very cranky, or you tend to be impatient and you lack contentment, it may be due to the fact that you’re not really addressing your sex drive.

There’s nothing unhealthy about exercising your sex drive. You just have to do it safely and do it with somebody who is a consenting adult. In other words, they’re looking for the same thing as you are.

The other side of our personality that is at play with casual hookup sites is our need for emotional validation. It’s not uncommon for guys to visit adult dating sites hoping to get laid but in the end, they are looking for love. A lot of people look at this as a problem or as something to be avoided.

From my personal point of view, this is natural. You shouldn’t be scared of falling in with somebody or seeing sex as a gateway for a deeper emotional engagement. Casual hookup site can work. Casual hookups don’t need to lead to something negative. It all depends on your expectations and your attitude.

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